Sexy Accessories on Halloween

Symbols on Halloween

Halloween theme is ghosts, scary, and with death, magic, monster-related things. Witches, bats, black cats, owls, elves, zombies, skulls and demons are often associated with Halloween, there are some fictional characters such as vampires and eccentrics. Black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween. Modern Halloween products also use a large number of purple, green and red. Autumn elements such as pumpkins and scarecrows are also symbols of Halloween.

Halloween costume

The pumpkin light is also a Halloween tradition, and its history can be traced back to Ireland. Reportedly, there is a man named Jack is so mean that he can not enter heaven after death, because he can not make fun of the devil into hell, so he can only carry the lanterns wandering around. As a result, Jack and pumpkin lights became a symbol of the curse of the wandering soul. People in order to scare away the night before Halloween, they use beet or potatoes carved into a terrible face to represent the lantern carrying Jack, this is the origin of the pumpkin lights.

Halloween costume

After Irish people moved to the United States, they began to use the pumpkin to carve, because in the United States in autumn when pumpkin is more adequate than turnip. People who wear lace masquerade masks come knocking on the door to confuse the candy. In a pumpkin light, candles or candies are often put in.

Halloween costume

Activities on Halloween

Halloween night party is the most solemn, lively, you can see women wearing sailor navy costume everywhere, men and children are dressed in singular clothing. The most popular game is bobbing for apples. People let the apple floating in the basin filled with water, and then let the children use mouth to bite the apple, whoever bite, who is the winner. Said the ghost story and horror film is Halloween Party in the common activities. Sexy women would like to wear Halloween lingerie on the party. Halloween-themed TV specials are usually played on or before the Halloween holiday, most of them children.

Halloween costume



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