SPORTS is all the fashion in SUMMER 2015

Sports become hotter and hotter in fashion world and super star world. So some sport style is the main trend in fashion world.

sports fashion trend

So what kinds of Zanzea® fashion can give you in this hot fashion trend? I will tell you!

sports fashion trend sports fashion trend

sports fashion trend sports fashion trend

Super model Hilary Rhoda can carry the sports suits into good matching. Select neat white jacket to highlight the gas field, choose black sports pants can also play the role of body modification. If you do not want to show your waist, then pulled the jacket collar exposed collarbone lines, that can be are able to demonstrate feminine.

sports fashion trend sports fashion trend sports fashion trend

Envy mold mildew big legs of Taylor Swift? In addition to natural beauty, acquired training and maintenance is also very important. Layered vest and shorts with a perfect track and field show the same good shape, with a sense of fashion bags and retro Rayban sunglasses, is not one second piercing street shooting range children of it.

sports fashion trend sports fashion trend

Choose a color shiny fashion items to ignite your exercise look now! Fashion Queen Chiara Ferragni personally demonstrate how match sports highlights, fluorescent colors of Bra and feet of fluorescent color sneakers become more eye-catching and cool on a black background, even in the hands of Chanel shoulder bag is stolen take a lot of the limelight yet.

sports fashion trend sports fashion trend

Street beat the dog days of Olivia Palermo also tide! The same as the basic primer coat vest trousers, although the color selection a large area of black and gray, but with a gold mirror sunglasses and feet sports shoes fluorescent color is added as a finishing touch for the whole lot fashion sense and sense of place.

In one word, sports coats and a sport tank top is the main matching clothing in this summer. I have told something fashion color matching between sports coat and tank tops. It is your show time that let us know how amazing you can match in this hot sports trend!


Hello, everyone. I'm Nicole who love fashion, love smiling. My blog is writing about Zanzea clothing which is special for women to shape a slim body and chase after the fashion trend. Do you want to know the latest trend in the fashion world? I won't let you down.

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