Stripes Fashion Review for New spring

Stripes FashionStripes are my favorite print, two tones or multicolored I don’t care, I just love it all, because it’s a print that always work. This year striped pants are the must have, do you like them or prefer to wear stripes as a basic item?

Stripes Fashion Stripes Fashion

There used to exist a saying of not mixing patterns together’ however this season has seen Kosher mix bold prints in its fall 2013 collection as well as Chanel whose designs had a mixture of plaid on plaid, stripes with lace, fair isle and check, argyle and tweed and many more.

Stripes Fashion

If you’re not ready to mix your favorite bold floral skirt and wide striped shirt, try a subtler approach. Keep in mind that cable knits, tweeds and lace are all examples of subtle patterns. Find a lightly pinstriped top or bottom to mix with bold florals, paisley, polka dots and other patterns. The key is to keep scale and color in mind, mixing small and large scale patterns together for chic instead of over-the-top. Monochromatic or similar color tones will keep your patterns from clashing.’

Stripes Fashion

This fall, tough, tailored looks are in again. Keep your patterns from overwhelming your body shape by keeping pieces tailored. In dealing with prints, scale is the difference between over-the- top and chic.

Stripes Fashion

Mixing texture can take a calico top from feminine and dainty to moody and edgy.

Stripes FashionStripes Fashion

Texture adds interest and dimension in a way scale and color cannot. Even if you’re wearing solids, mixing textures will keep the outfit interesting.

Stripes FashionStripes Fashion

When pairing pieces, take into account the characteristics of each and add the opposite. Whether that’s in color, scale or texture, mix light with dark, small with large, rough with smooth.

Stripes Fashion

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