Style Your Striped Shirt in Different Ways

Needless to say, the basic essential of clothing is worth buying, since it would never be out-of-date. You bought it in last autumn, and you still can match it with different kinds of clothing to create fashion vibe for this autumn. Obviously, in addition to the jeans, high heels and sweaters, the striped shirt is one of the wardrobe staples that every woman should own. Now, it’s time for you to break you out of your style rut and style your striped shirt in eye-catching way you need.

Women Beach Striped Blouse Women Beach Striped Blouse

It’s trendy and sexy to wear the oversized striped shirt in recent years, and there are more and more people buy at least one of those boyfriend shirts for a sexy look. For that reason, it’s worthy to have a try on this women beach striped blouse as a dress.

Zanzea Skirts

How about styling the striped shirt with a miniskirt from Zanzea skirts for a girly looking? No matter what kinds of miniskirt you choose, a striped shirt always looks wonderful to match with the one you choose.

Women Beach Striped Blouse Women Beach Striped Blouse

For the preppy look, it appears to be refreshing and fashionable to style the striped shirt with the jeans in white. This kind of casual look is great for the daily work, since it must be comfortable for wearing.

Zanzea Skirts Zanzea Skirts

Speaking of matching the striped shirt with white jeans, there is no denying that matching it with the blue jeans is also a wonderful idea. However, as choosing the blue jeans, I prefer the slouchy one, which is casual and stylish.

Zanzea Skirts

If you are looking for a tougher look, you could try to pick up the leather pants. However, as wearing the skinny leather pants, I have to stress that this one is a little bit tricky, since the skinny leather pants aren’t suitable for every woman. Maybe you could take the loose one into account.


Hey, guys, this is Vicky. As a blogger who write about fashion clothing, I'm going to show you all kinds of fashion trends about slim figure, and I bet that you are going to love them.

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