Summer WRAP Dress

summer wrap dresses

Say it with me: ‘It’s a WRAAAAAP!’ Now don’t y’all feel like some big shot movie director on the set of some big shot picture? Well, maybe that’s just my mind set right now.

summer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dresses

Anyhow, it’s not films and flicks we talk about here today, but FASHION. What a surprise, right? More so than fashion, I thought of going a bit in time with today’s post right to the 70s when the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg invented the iconic wrap dress that was about to become a symbol of femininity, women’s freedom, a staple, and so much more than just a dress.

summer wrap dresses summer wrap dresses

So many bloggers and sartorial lovers out there are seen in so many variations of the wrap dress, you know you have got to jump on the wrap dress wagon, in case you haven’t, and literally drape and wrap yourself in it. For work, for weekends, for dinner dates, for holidays, for evening.

summer wrap dressessummer wrap dresses

From jerseys to silk, to long sleeves or no sleeves, from mini to maxi lengths, from wild prints to clean designs – there are infinite styles, and even more infinite ways of wearing a wrap dress.

summer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dressessummer wrap dresses

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