Summer Hot Fashion: Wide-leg pants

wide leg pants

Wide-leg pants are an amazing fashion single product in this summer 2015. Although it represented 1930s and 1940s’ fashion element, it is also the important one in all of the vintage zanzea fashion elements. And the amazing thing is, if you guys are wearing wide-leg pants to match some dress shirts or t-shirts, it can also be modern fashion. If you are lucky to have a prefect body line, so with these wide-leg pants, you will be more stylish in this summer!

wide leg pantswide leg pantswide leg pants

wide leg pantswide leg pants

In the 2015 spring and summer, still one of the protagonists, the difference is that the new season is undoubtedly more intimate, from Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney to Derek Lam and so on brands, are more suitable for petite girls launch seven wide leg pants, but due to the large wide leg pants leg itself, if you child is not enough, it would be best with high heels stretch ratio.

wide leg pants

The jacket hem trousers stuffed basic approach is the influx of fashion people and this would be able to stretch the legs curve without doubt, so you look more perfect proportion. But if you have confidence in your own body, you can do the opposite, with a long shirt or jacket, so you can create a slim slender overall effect, let’s look at the influx of people is how to take it!

wide leg pantswide leg pants



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