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Hot Dresses Sale Review
Hot Dresses Sale Review

Crochet is a fabric that’s contradictory of sorts. It has the uncanny ability to look right at home at Granny’s House, perched atop the “Chesterfield” and yet remarkably right…

Sleeveless Backless Pleated Dress
sleeveless backless pleated dress

Backless dresses lean to sexy touch for every woman. Many women wear backless when they go to party. Backless dress…

boyfriend sweater_

Last week I saw my friend Billie was wearing a new sweater and she looks very cool when she is…

Reviews of SOLD OUT Product!
ripped denim pants

The ripped jeans trend is back from the 90s and is hotter than ever. These super-trendy destroyed jeans range in…

Cool Denim Jumpsuit Reviews
denim jumpsuit

Today I took some pictures that I’m really proud of. Or better, I’m proud of the amazing person that took…

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