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Stripes Shirts Fashion
Stripes Shirts Fashion

Hi, everyone, I am back and I had a great holiday! Miss you guys and as you know, I have…

Army Jacket!
army jackets

As a girl, I do not like other girls who have a white skin, so army green is the wonderful…

Famous Bloggers’ Fashion Style
bloggers' wearing

Today I want to show you the fashion in the blog world, you know that not just the super star…

Poor People’s Gorgeous Fashion
Keiko Lynn

Recently, a girl who named Keiko Lynn is hot in the whole fashion world, the more pics she post, the…

2015 Autumn Preview
white trousers fashion

This summer when we are going out, have you noticed what the difference is? Sporty and simple design are hot,…

I was tanned in the sun!
sun protection clothingsun protection clothing

I was tanned in the sun!!!!!! Unfortunately, I am also hard to turn white in a quickly time. Fashion clothing…

Go to the office with PRETTY
office fashion

Vicki Chou has said that as a woman, you should wear pretty when you are going to work. Many office…

Some fashion tips to catch the his heart
attracted fashion

Tips 1: Simple is perfect! Even the simple white, it also can play an innovative mix of different materials through…

A shirt is not only a shirt
shirts tight fashion

Shirt tied at the waist, almost everyone try this in the nineties had worn classic, was later suspected of soil…

White T shirt for everyone
white t-shirt

You should know the American style is always simple and the colors are always black and white. So in this…

Just do not raise your head!
street style

The street beat is a simple thing: just go out and take pictures of passers-by. Although this is indeed the…

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