Tall and Slim High Fashion in 2014 summer | High Waisted Skirt

high waisted skirt

Recently added to my all-consuming and ever-growing skirt collection/ addiction is a high waisted, button through pale denim number which I have literally not removed from my little legs for seven days.

high waisted skirt

This shape, with the buttons that run down the front and the apron-style triangle silhouette is not only inherently 70s but joyfully flattering. Why, the perfect combination.

high waisted skirt

I love my pale denim version, as it makes me think of never-ending highways and dusty roads, tarnished signs and whisky while a guitar strums in the back of an old battered car.

high waisted skirt

There are, however, plenty of printed cotton versions with similar buttons all over the high street which scream sunlit days and look just right with everything from your favorite t-shirt to a flirty blouse.

high waisted skirthigh waisted skirt

For a more authentic vibe, scour second hand shops for countless rails of suede and cord versions that scream out for tasseled leather bags and a bit of Hendrix in the background.

high waisted skirthigh waisted skirthigh waisted skirt

Wearing:@ high waisted skirt, Zanzea® Skirts.


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