Tank Tops: What’s Your Style?

Tank Top Fashion

For a while now tank tops are making a huge comeback, and in 2013, retail chains are packed with so many styles that it’s impossible to choose. Thank God one comes at a price that’s basically for free if you consider the number of times you’ll be wearing it. From office to parties, to dates, dinners out, beach – TTs are a dime a dozen. Jersey, silky, sequined, simple & basic, printed, see-through, knitted, with your fave quote or icon on them, long, short, cropped, cut-out you name it, it’s there. In all this fantastic see of Tank Tops – which one’s your style?

Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion

How to wear tank tops? That’s easy: however you want it. For a more polished look go for silky flow fabrics with or without prints or textures, that you can tuck in your maxi skirt, pencil skirt or trousers. Complete the look with hot heels & statement necklaces. Same type of tank tops go amazingly with jeans or cut-offs for a more sophisticated look, especially if you wear some hot heeled shoes and have fun with your accessories.

Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion

Tank Top FashionTank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion

Or you could always do the tight sporty tank top with just about anything. There was a time when I used to wear one with all the bottoms in my closet just to see how far you can go on styling one. And trust me you can. From the plain look of a tank top and jeans, to a maxi skirt, shorts, heels, tennis shoes, flip flops the sky is the limit. I think it’s all about having fun. You could never go wrong or do a fashion faux pas with tank tops. The only risk is you might have a too-clean-simple-look, but that can be solved by wearing some fab accessories, if simple is not your thing. It’s all about balance.

Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion Tank Top Fashion

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