The Best Street Style Moments of Blake Lively in 2018

Street fashion, in its true sense, is not a studio-produced fashion range but comes from the streetwear. The latter encompasses elements of hip-hop, Japanese street and Californian surf and skate culture. However, in the present day, nothing is the same. Due to the globalization, there are no longer cultural barriers and people from all societies wear hip hop, listen to rap and enjoy fast food. The artists from the entertainment industry make appearances in the streets with different styles, leaving their followers influenced. Such famous artist, Blake Lively, has been ruling the hearts of young girls and women from around the globe.

  high waisted maxi skirt

Blake Lively, the mother of two and the wife to Ryan Reynolds, has been in the entertainment circle for around two decades. She has made her appearances count by leaving the paparazzi and audience awestruck. From award shows and red carpets to premiers, launches, film promotions and personal hangouts, Blake Lively has cast a spell on millions after every appearance. Every time she is out in the public, the fashionistas are indulged in comprehending the unique and attractive compositions of brands and colors she chooses.

  high waisted maxi skirt

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively has been on the lookout by the public’s eye for her unique street styles. In the latest among her appearances of 2018, she was found wearing a high waisted maxi skirt, a blazer with a top underneath. This style of her made rounds in the fashion magazines and social media making her fans around the globe to rush for a similar combination.

  high waisted maxi skirt

Another time, in spring 2018, she was found wearing a dark blue coat combined with a pair of sneakers and a hat. She gave a quintessential yet suitable look for a warm-weather.

  high waisted maxi skirt

In another appearance, all I see your star Lively was found wearing a funky short skirt paired with long high-heeled boots. She wore a patterned blazer with a white shirt underneath. For the makeup, she kept it light with light blond curly hair. Again, she managed to become the center of attention through her vivid look on her night out.

  high waisted maxi skirt

Blake Lively has brought out amazing street styles so far. She never shies away to embrace any color or style. Whether a funky vivid look, a light-tones slip dress or a high waisted maxi, she managed to get comfortable under everything she chooses to wear. Do you want to look as beautiful as Blake Lively? Just come to Banggood website to get your wanted clothes.



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