Tips about Match Denim with Denim

You’re a big fan of denim? Oh, sure, denim always looks good and could also keep us warm in autumn or winter. However, it’s tricky somehow to pair your denim with denim, since there is a real fine line between matching awful and matching stylish. In view of that, you might need some suggestion or advice. This post is just meant for you who are about to head out with denim all over.

womens jeans

If you are totally a green hand who is worried about messing things up, you should try denim clothes in different colors. While we are mixing and matching our denim clothing, we may easily to dress in the matchy-matchy style. Coordinated style is totally different from the matchy-matchy, and it’s a little bit quirky to wear the same color.

plus size denim jacket

As we know, the darker color could create a slimming effect, and we love to wear leggings or pencil pants in darker color generally. And oversized denim clothes are trendy now, so it’s better to style plus size denim jacket with denim jeans in black or darker color.

plus size denim jacket

Avoiding the rest of your outfit is made of denim. As you are wearing denim clothes, you shouldn’t add your denim hat, denim earrings, or even denim handbag. Less is more, which you should bear in mind.

plus size denim jacket

Ripped womens jeans are quite hit recently, so why don’t you have a try? As far as I am concerned, the ripped jeans could create a totally unique vibe to your outfit draw attention to your expression.

womens jeans

Denim on denim might remind you of the cowboy, and I bet that you don’t want to dress like a cowboy anyway. So try to avoid everything that looks like cowboy’s accessories, for example, the boots and hats.



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