Tips on Wearing Tank Top Fashionably

Summer is the perfect time to wear your tank tops. You can look great in them but only if you know the right combinations to wear them with. Here are some tips you will find useful in helping you wear the sleeveless V-neck tops you have.

Under the tank top
A bra needs to be worn underneath. You can wear the usual bra with fitting tank tops but if the tank tops are loose you may have trouble choosing the bra to wear with it. There are several options that you can try. One is a sexy cage bra that peeks around the low line V-neck and from the sides. A strappy back will make it look even sexier. A bralette is yet another option which though it may not be as elegant as a caged bra, it is very comfortable. Ensure the brallette matches the colour of the tank top, is not padded and has no wire.

Tank top on top; what at the bottom?
One reason why many people love tank tops is because of their versatility. They can be worn with different clothes. You could try skinny jeans like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner rock it. Kendall Jenner actually loves tank tops and she will provide you with the inspiration you need. Flow shorts will also look great with tank tops so long as you find the right colour. Look for something that compliments the colour of the top. A mini skirt will help achieve a flirty look when paired with a fitting tank top. You will look great no matter what fabric the skirt is made of. You can wear any ranging from cotton to leather. Leggings are yet another option but if you do not have an athletic or slim build, avoid this look. A good pair of shorts will look great with any tank top and it will be the perfect summer look. Maxi and tulle skirts can be combined to look great. You can with this combination anywhere.

To cover the tank top or not
This will depend on the weather. On a sunny day there is no need to cover up but when it gets cold something will be needed to cover the exposed arms. Some good choices are a sheer sweater, shoulder off top, leather jacket, a blazer, denim overall, jean jacket and a kimono jacket. Remember that what you use to cover the tank top needs to match what you are wearing at the bottom.

Tank tops are best worn with flat shoes. When you are in shorts in particular, flats are a must. If you have paired the tank top with a maxi skirt, you can get away with wearing heels. If aiming for a casual look (which is what most tank top looks will achieve) always go for flat shoes. These can be sneakers, gladiator sandals and anything in between.


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