Trend Alert: Matchy Matchy


With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, it is not only a fashion writer and stylist’s dream to see all the latest collections on the runway, but also to see what the new trends will be off the runway amongst the street styles and fashionistas.

matchy   matchy matchy matchy

The trend that stood out to me thus far is the “matchy matchy” look. Your entire outfit is matched together from head to toe whether it is in color, with a print or even with your partner. I think this trend could look very high fashion if styled correctly but if you are sitting there thinking that it is ridiculous and that you would never try it, look at these fashionistas and how they got it spot on perfect! Fashion recommended matchy clothing is this pocket knitted cardigan sweater.

matchy  matchy matchy matchy  matchy matchy

The runways also had many looks that are matchy matchy for spring 2015 collections.


Celebs are also matching their looks and I think everyone will agree that Kim and Kanye are the most famous couple known for matching their looks.


matchy   matchy

Fashion wearing: Zanzea® Cardigan.



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