Two years old Twins are hot in Fashion World

Twins fashion

Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley come from San Jose, United States and both of they are only two years old. So why I am saying they are hot in the fashion world. Because of their super fashion sense and the super cute face, they have had 10 million fans in Instgram and now they have been famous in our zanzea fashion world!

Twins fashion Twins fashion Twins fashion Twins fashion

Their mothers Savannah Soutas and Michelle Foley have been friends for 10 years. They love fashion very much and their two babies love fashion like their mother.

Twins fashionTwins fashion

According to the rumor, Savannah is a professional photographer and all of the hot pics on Ins are taken by her. These pics are not only own the huge fans on Internet but also got the invitation of Guess and Kardashian’s professional child’s model contract! Moreover, they had taken the cover pics of VOGUE magazine!

Twins fashion

Michelle says, because both the girl is familiar with Savannah, so they can easily be taken pics under her camera. And Savannah can always catch the beat moment for two girls. From the pics, you can see that two little girl are getting well together.

Twins fashionTwins fashion

No matter where are they going, they need to hold each other’s hand and of course, they will take good care of each other and trust each other in always.


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