Wearing the Right Jeans

autumn jeans fashionEveryone loves jeans, who does not?

autumn jeans fashion autumn jeans fashion

If you ask me which fashion single product is always hit then I will say it is jeans! Why? That is surely because jeans can show our body line well and makes our leg look longer. If your leg is a little fat, you can choose some loosen jeans. Some flares jeans are hot in recent, if you love vintage style, you should have one!

autumn jeans fashion

Boyfriend style jeans
I know it is hard to lose the belly on the leg so in this moment, some jeans which are boyfriend style are suitable for you. It can cover the belly on your leg and shoe your slim part on your leg. You can see your leg line is very perfect when you are in jeans.

autumn jeans fashionautumn jeans fashion

autumn jeans fashionautumn jeans fashion

Straight style jeans
For some pretty girls whose leg is not long and straight, you should choose some straight style jeans to fix your leg line. And pay attention to the materials of the jeans, try to choose some hard material.

autumn jeans fashionautumn jeans fashion

Flares jeans
For splayed feet and lower legs thick girl who must choose to block the speaker jeans horn length will be longer than the general jeans type, horn jeans tightened at the knee to the thigh, calf outward expansion of the contour, the formation of the thigh, “thinner” illusion. Recommended with body proportions so suddenly become tall heels, legs look slender.

autumn jeans fashionautumn jeans fashionautumn jeans fashion

The last one
If you are not too fat and not too slim, you can choose the tight pencil pants and I am sure that is your best choice!


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