What is the Perfect Right of Bohemia Dressing?

I want to bring you the Bali Tide brand Cleobella, it sounds cool by the name and birthplace! This brand was founded by a couple; “Cleobella” is taken from the founder’s mother’s name. In the 1970s, it is young but a very fashionable hippie girl of Cleobella, her own dress style is deeply affected her children, Bohemian fashion brand Cleobella is also born.

Bohemia fashion

The most charming qualities is Cleobella, undoubtedly presents Bali’s traditional arts and crafts and regional customs. Especially handmade leather goods, local crafts people are invited stiff, stitch built.

Bohemia fashion

Mysterious national totem carved exudes uninhibited western style tassels, we are firmly grasped the cool girl’s “fetish nerve.”

Bohemia fashion

Since her husband Jim loves surfing, family every year to a new place travel and adventure, along the knowledge, regional features are naturally to be “written” into the Cleobella seasonal clothing, jewelry — Cleobella dictionary never ” Monotone “is used.

Bohemia fashion

Cleobella also will be part of the annual income donated to CARE organization and this is an organization dedicated to improving basic education in Southeast Asia, the fight against AIDS, exploitation and maintenance of clean water, basic hygiene and medical. That is, in Cleobella buy her favorite thing and also can help to bring a little hope to children in Southeast Asia.


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