THIS WINTER! Fall Winter Furry Coat

Fall Winter Furry CoatOver the last few years fur grew to a fashion trend again, after being away from the scene for quite some time. With the growing trend it became one of the mostCTAL-TA_Syll2012 controversial and divided discussions in the world.

Fall Winter Furry Coat Fall Winter Furry Coat Fall Winter Furry CoatFall Winter Furry Coat

The anti-fur community, leaded by the PETA, is stating the use of real fur should be forbidden and fake should be used instead. Others claim it shouldn’t be used anyway, real or fake. The last groups, the ones who love fall winter furry coat, are pleading to use the real fur. I got my own opinion on this hot topic.

Fall Winter Furry Coat Fall Winter Furry CoatFall Winter Furry Coat

I am the first one to admit I love the sight of a woman wearing a coat with fur. The ones completely made out of furs, but also the ones with just a hood or other parts made of fur. Stating this probably makes me fit in with the group of people who actually love fur, because I have absolutelyM2020-615 nothing against it myself. Then again, I wouldn’t know how to tell the difference between the real deal and the fake fur. That is, if a fabricant took the time to make it look as real as possible, because I can tell what is the cheap fake stuff.

Fall Winter Furry Coat

Fall Winter Furry CoatFall Winter Furry CoatFall Winter Furry Coat

So, if the fake fur is a good copy of the real, I am not able to tell the difference. Apart from that, I do not really care whether it is real or fake, because I just love the sight of it and not really the feel. This makes me still fit into the group that loves fur, but the part that doesn’t care about real or fake. Either way I am fine with it.

Fall Winter Furry Coat

Although, I do understand the ones that actually want to wear real fur, because it feels just a little different. It is often softer and just a little more comfortable then the fake fur. Apart from that, it has just that little bit of luxury, that people who love to spend a lot of money on clothes, love.

Fall Winter Furry Coat

Those people notice the difference between real and fake. It also offers them a little exclusivity, since a lot of people don’t have the money to buy anything made of real fur. These people are the ones sophisticated enough to appreciate the little difference, which adds to the experience of wearing real fur. Besides, as long as people can remember the upper-class is wearing fur and we just took the tradition from our ancestors. Let’s spread it through more layers of our society.

Fall Winter Furry CoatFall Winter Furry Coat

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