You Need A Wide Brim Baseball Cap On The Street

When you go to a weekend outing, or to do outdoor sports such as tennis, hiking and so on. You’ll take the wide brim baseball cap. It can not only help you defense the sunburn, but also looks cool. It has a lot of style, suitable for different age groups. Let’s look at several different fashion wide brim baseball caps.

wide brim baseball cap

This kind of wide brim baseball cap with a small visor is very popular among cool school boys. It’s the type of soft, light cotton cap with a sun shield.If you are a cool street boy. You usually put your hands into the pockets, casually walking down the street. You will be wearing this hat to attract  girls’ attention. You can choose casual vest and loose pants to match the wide brim baseball cap. In the winter, in order to keep warm, you can wear it, then you can with a long section of the jacket. Another point: the anti-wear baseball cap will make you more handsome!

wide brim baseball cap

You may think that this kind of baseball cap is only suitable for fashion men. No, you’re wrong. Women also can wear a straw baseball cap .You can wear one with a sports tracksuit and it makes you a sport girl.

wide brim baseball cap

As a lady, coming to the hot summer, you must be very concerned about your skin would be burnt by the sunlight. Do not worry, a baseball cap can help you! What’s important, the cap is suitable for daily appointments with friends or shopping, if you want to participate in some formal occasions, do not wear it.

wide brim baseball cap

You can also wear a couple of cap with your boy friend. It is the best way to tell other girls :’ He’s mine.’ Baseball cap can suits a little child at the same time.And it looks cute.


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